About Us

An innovative SaaS and b2b ecommerce platform for the real estate and construction industry, providing a unique system for standardization, efficiency and transparency leading to cost and time effective projects

Our Vision

We are creating solutions that add value in construction process management for all industry stakeholders by using principles of standardisation. Our products drive transparency and efficiency in the way projects are built today while eliminating any prospective leakages.

Core Values

  • Our Customer is our best guide and our best investor
  • We value humility, integrity and good ethics above all else
  • We believe in a diverse inclusive culture
  • We are committed to a sustainable built environment
  • We are bold, innovative and take intelligent risks
  • We pursue excellence in deed
  • We work fairly with our customers, suppliers, employees and all other stakeholders
  • We build strong relationships
  • We believe in giving back our time, skills and resources to our community
  • We don't have employees, we have partners


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Sameer Nayar

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Sarit Sethi