Planning And Estimation In Construction Projects

Industry studies prove that decisions made at the early project stages set the strategic framework of the project as the ability to influence cost is the highest at this stage. Effective construction cost estimation prior to beginning any real estate or construction project helps in cost control and increase in the project profitability. It ensures that everything from a contractors tender to the final project cost is in accordance with the cost plan.

With BuildSupply’s Cost Estimation and BOQ functionality, you can create granular construction budget estimates that will help you take the right financial decisions at the right time. Create detailed BOQs in a very short time frame and perform comprehensive rate analysis to determine accurate real estate & construction project costs.


Detailed Area Statements
Pre-defined templates to record project areas & property details of apartment & common area.
Automated Cost Plan
Create granular budget estimates across various budget heads from detailed area statements at various design stages of design evolution.
Material Specifications
Record material specification intent for the project along with base rates to form basis for the budget.
Budget Heads
Divide entire project into key budget heads for planning & monitoring.
Standardized Line Item Descriptions
Detailed line item description at par with industry standards to detail out the scope of work associated with it.
Smart BOQs
Create detailed smart BOQs on the platform in a very short amount of time using library of 13 million+ line items from the database or create your own.
Detailed Rate Analysis
Each of the database line items have a detailed rate analysis associated with them.
Technical Specifications
Associated technical specifications for each line item outlining technical requirements with specific acceptance criteria for the nature of work to be carried out.
Concrete Mix Design Sheet
Create mix design sheets which forms the basis for line items associated with concrete works and for coefficients of concrete constituents in the associated rate analysis.
Activity Scheduling
Assign timelines to various pre-defined construction activities at L1 & L2 level which are auto linked with BOQ line items.
Resource Planning
Create project resource plans for man, machinery, site infra etc along-with associated costs.
Accepted Cost Estimates (ACE)
Use resource planning data to backload associated costs on relevant BOQ line item rate analysis to calculate accurate value of prelims & overheads.

Importance Of Cost Planning & Estimation In Construction

  • Early identification of high cost elements helps in creation of accurate cost estimates.

  • Budget and value accountability.

  • Key determiner of a positive project outcome.

  • Simplified tender analysis.

  • Helps in effective construction procurement strategy.

  • Better change and control management.

  • Better construction project management.

Benefits Of A Cloud Based Construction Cost Estimation Software

Single source of truth

Helps in knitting the entire real estate development workflow together by tying everything back to the cost plan.

Smart and Predictive

An innovative proptech software that captures the latest proptech trends in the most reliable way to grow your business into the future.

Efficient real estate cost planning and control

Helps in creation of accurate cost estimates at an early stage of the project thereby leading to efficient construction project management.

Actual vs Budgeted Cost

Helps in business positioning by analysing if any component of the business is spending more than expected.

Cloud-based ERP for real estate developers of all size

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Specialised domain focused ERP

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