An end to end process management system using a comprehensive database to plan for an efficient project cycle

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A closed end software platform that helps in planned execution and procurement for projects by introducing standardization and transparency



Seamless Construction Process Management

User Management
Complete data access control for each user involved in the project ensures that only the intended audience can access relevant information
Daily Activity Log
Detailed audit trail of all the activities being performed by the users on the platform
Standardized Database
Comprehensive database of 7.3 million+ line item descriptions and their associated detailed technical specifications and rate analysis
Custom Dashboards
View all your projects and other relevant information as desired
Smart BOQs
Create detailed smart BOQs on the platform in a very short amount of time using line items from the database or creating your own
Material Consolidation
The system automatically generates a consolidated list of materials using multiple BOQs for each estimate, enabling you to plan your procurement more efficiently
Procurement Packages
Create work packages for procurement from multiple BOQs and assign the sourcing strategy to each of them
Online Bids/Tendering
Completely secure online bid management system to create online tender, invite external agencies to bid on them, negotiate and award them on the platform
Management Workflows
Manage workflows and standardize processes using by reviewing processes and managing approvals on the system significantly boosting project efficiency
Smart Alerts & Notifications
Intelligent notifications about any pending actions or upcoming events via notification center, email and sms
On-Going Project Support
Option of dedicated professional help in managing the system throughout the lifecycle of the project at nominal cost
Detailed Real-Time Reports
Real-time custom reporting capabilities to help you track and monitor project progress
Cost Management
Manage costs efficiently throughout the lifecycle of the project by using quality data from our system
Procurement Planning
Create detailed material procurement plans for improved planning to ensure that resources are always available in time
Capital Budgeting & Scheduling
Keep an eye on the project expenditures and increase profits by monitoring costs, material procurement and time schedules for the projects
Detailed billing application captures entire billing process from indents to purchase orders to invoices and final payments
Detailed Rate Analysis
Complete break-down of unit rate of a line item into constituent cost components that are required in the execution
Detailed Bid Comparatives
Compare cost, list of makes and commercial terms in the received bids at aggregate or individual line item level
Change Management
Manage all your change notes online and keep track of all the modifications on BuildSupply Cost Manager
Vendor Management
Pre-qualify your vendors while on-boarding them and monitor their work and financial work progress online
Global Plan
Manage multiple projects simultaneously, plan their procurement at a global level and track their progress in real-time
Reduce Information Gaps
BuildSupply Cost Manager ensures that uniform data is accessed by all the users effectively reducing any information gaps and ensuring complete transparency
Complete Support
On-site training and 24/7 email support to users so help reduce their learning curve to ensure that there are minimum implementation delays
Automated Cost Plan
Create automated cost plan at an early stage of the project to get a good understanding of your project costs and financial implications of your design choices

BuildSupply TM Benefits

Use Cost Manager to save your project costs


Of item descriptions, technical specifications and materials creates more efficiency leading to better planned estimates and transparent procurement processes


BuildSupply TM Cost Manager is affordably priced and results in significant cost savings

Standard Specifications & Rate Analysis

Using BuildSupply TM Cost Manager’s comprehensive database of standardized technical specifications and rates, you can now perform a detailed rate analysis to gain complete control over the project expenditures

Operational Efficiency

Detailed project cost, material requirement and time schedules help increase the efficiency of execution

Real Time Custom Reports

BuildSupply TM Cost Manager helps you track and monitor the progress of project using real time reporting. You can create reports using predefined templates or create a custom report to generate results the way you want to see them.


An online cloud based platform provides universal access eliminating potential delays

Cost & Time

BuildSupply TM Cost Manager can help you save substantially on total project costs, by giving you complete control over the process management, and hence significantly enhancing equity returns

Resource Utilization

Aided by accurate estimates and reliable procurement planning, BuildSupply TM Cost Manager can increase the utilization of the resources thus making the system more efficient