Tendering And Procurement In Construction Projects

Sourcing is pivotal to the cost structure and competitiveness of any construction project. Overhauling traditional sourcing strategies and opting for an integrated construction procurement approach can lay the ground for sustainable success by accelerating cash flows and financial gains.

BuildSupply’s e-tendering and construction procurement module covers all your business needs like vendor prequalification, expression of interest, automated bid comparison and an online tender opening committee to ensure transparency and efficient project delivery across all stages of engineering, procurement and construction. You can also coordinate the entire vendor relationship from onboarding to performance tracking and managing commercials through the vendor management dashboard.


Procurement Packages
Group specific or all the line items within a BOQ to create work package for tendering as per contracting strategy.
Sourcing Strategy
Define contracting strategy as ‘Self- perform’, ‘Sub-contract’ and ‘labour contract’ and automate the same on the platform.
Expression of Interests (EOI)
Send EOI invites to onboarded vendors/contractors with much ease through the system with a single-click response mechanism.
Tender Checklist
Create a tender checklist which includes all the necessary documents and details crucial for the tendering process and acceptance criteria of bid completion.
Tender addendum
Initiate tender addendums for a package for which bidding is in progress. The changes made from the initial tender would be notified through “changed” tags.
Initiate a rebid for the same tender if need be. All the bids submitted by the contractors will be classified based on number of rebids in the form of revisions.
Bid Clarification
Significantly reduce bid clarification process time by making contractors/vendors and clients interact on real time basis.
Bid Comparison
View detailed comparison of multiple bids at line item level giving insights for effective negotiation with contractors/vendors.
Tender recommendation
Notify approving authority of the prospective contractor for the work package along-with tender & bidding observations and details of the tender process.
Online Vendor Management
On-board vendors and track their performance efficiently in a project or across projects.
Vendor Prequalification
Pre-qualify (PQ) vendors using a standardised PQ format or add custom fields as needed.
Vendor Filtering
Filter out vendors while short-listing for a tender based on criteria’s like scope of work, region of work etc.
Vendor Performance
Vendors can be rated for their performance in previous projects or based on their details during pre-qualification.
Vendor Commercial Dashboard
System provides project and organization specific vendor management dashboards for understanding commercial liabilities and status of progress.

How Does BuildSupply’s Online Tendering And Vendor Management Stand Out?

  • Onboard contractors, vendors and other external agencies before inviting them to collaborate.

  • Refer automated bid comparison reports to ensure accuracy and time saving.

  • Raise and address all RFIs and bid clarifications from a commercial awareness standpoint.

  • Automate the entire tender logistics including bid closure dates, tender opening committee etc.

  • Run online negotiations, rebids and tender addendum as project information evolves.

  • Run business intelligence and analytics to understand rate trends, awarding patterns, tender timelines etc.

Benefits Of A Specialised Construction Tendering & Procurement Software

Strategic sourcing approach

Leads to the cost structure and competitiveness of the project.

Secure bid management

Secure platform to create online tenders, invite external agencies to bid and finalize the work contracts.

Time and cost saving

Reduced tender cycles by minimising the time needed for sending documents back and forth.

Control and scalability

Helps standardise the procurement workflow with the help of centralised database, formal workflows etc.

Collaborative platform

Online vendor management platform tracking vendor performance and enabling smooth information distribution.

Record keeping

Detailed purchase history for efficient negotiation with vendor and audit.